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Gunilla Ebers - Owner & Founder

I grew up in the university city of Lund, in the deep south of Sweden. The women in my family were early influences and formed my life-long love of fibers, fabrics and textiles. Emulating my father, I thought I would have a career in sports but much to my surprise I became a master textile creator in the tradition of true Scandinavian Arts & Crafts, receiving a degree in Textile Crafts from the University of Göteborg.

With the degree and a large dose of wanderlust in my suitcase, I worked and travelled around the world. These multi-layered cultural and spiritual influences are now the foundation of my creative work.


I reside in between New York and Philadelphia with my partner Jack and our cat Rani. When not in my office or on the road you can find me in my own paradise, our garden.


Come along on my personal gardening adventures through Instagram

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©2011  Photography by Jack Curley



White swan's crest

on gunmetal norden seas
heave their noble chests
curl back their necks, with ease
they glide onto shore as they
color the sky with royalty.
They bring news of Freya,
the inter-twiner, destiny’s queen,
who sings the song of borealis,
clothes the night in northern veils,
and dots the earth with runes.

​by Jack Curley

To read more of Jack Curley’s poetry, please visit his blog

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