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DIANA ACUESTA DESIGNS - USA - Diana Acuesta Designs are handcrafted in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


Diana Acuesta began making her jewelry about 20 years ago. Every piece is designed and made in her Portland, Oregon studio where she carefully selects the combination of stones and metals. She strives to source gems with unusual cuts and of various sizes, colors and great quality.

Her aesthetic embraces the juxtaposition between the refined and the raw, the feminine and the fierce, the perfection of asymmetry coupled with the playfulness of the unexpected.  Her style is constantly evolving and the collections represent a very organic approach with fluid lines, mixed metals, various patinas and beautifully imperfect textures. 


Diana is constantly inspired toward new designs by the strong, glorious women she is proud to call friends.

Diana Acuesta's designs can be found in more than 400 boutiques in North America and Europe.  Her jewelry is also featured in the prestigious Sundance Catalogue.

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