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ANNA SUKARDI - Sweden - is a collaboration by Swedish jewelry designer Anna and Javanese born artisan Menthong (a.k.a. Sukardi).

Anna Sukardi is created in our small home-based, family operated workshop in Java.  We are dedicated to quality craftsmanship and every stage involved in the making of the jewelry is done by hand by our group of artisans.

The main materials used are oxhide and 925 sterling silver. The oxhide is vegetable tanned into full-grain leather with excellent durability. This process ensures that the natural imperfections in the leather surface are still visible. Due to the unique nature of the leather no two pieces of jewelry are ever the same. They are all truly one-of-a-kind.

Over time the leather develops a rich natural patina and with wear becomes more beautiful. Our jewelry is made to last. By using only water-based dyes and beeswax for conditioning, we make sure that our jewelry is both eco-friendly and safe to wear.

At Anna Sukardi we strive to reduce our carbon footprint on the beautiful island of Bali by being environmentally and socially conscious.  We pride ourselves in providing fair wages for our artisans, training and education, and a safe, stable working environment. We want everybody to know that you can wear Anna Sukardi jewelry with a clear conscience.

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