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APRIL CORNELL - USA - The April Cornell company embodies the sisterhood of beauty, style, love of nature and the appreciation of friends, family, and the global community that we're so much a part of.

The April Cornell world headquarters are based in Burlington,VT with offices in Montreal and Cornell Overseas based in New Delphi, India. The brands success is largely due to April's innate ability to understand the details of women's lives and to connect on an emotional level with them.

With a keen eye for common values, April brings vintage to the 21st century, sub-continent colors to middle America, the west coast to the east. The result is timeless and always evolving designs that appeal to women who favor quality, tradition, luxury, detail and value.


April Cornell's organization "The Giving Would Foundation" offers an opportunity to contribute to people in need both domestically and internationally. April Cornell sponsors numerous projects in rural and urban areas throughout India. As well as in Haiti and the USA.

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